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Retrn is a project focussing on the ever-increasing amount of single-use plastic being used and discarded. During research, it was discovered that men are not playing their part in reducing our plastic problem. The aim of Retrn was to give men a way of getting involved in something that will make a difference through eating more sustainably and earning rewards while doing it.

Retrn has been developed as a product within a system, the product is the Retrn box. The box has been designed to be appealing to men while having sustainable characteristics. The box was developed to allow the user to easily pick up or transport the food they wish to eat, whether that is from home or a local outlet. However, when the user combines the Retrn box and application they have the ability to find new and exciting food outlets nearby.

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Product Design
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Anchor 1
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Free iPhone X in Hand Photo Mockup PSD S
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Application Prototype

Full Portfolio

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