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Product Designer

Office environments are ever changing; among other things, they are becoming more relaxed and public. This shift was largely caused by the increase in flexible working and the development of nomadic employees. Workers are using the office less, and companies are exploring the concept that work environments should be less sterile and have more personality.

Clerkenwell Design Week

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Clerkenwell Design Week where I had the opportunity to example and absorb all that the Clerkenwell design community had to offer. It was hugely beneficial to see the new directions that companies were taking with sustainable design in mind as well as material propositions. This gave me the chance to immerse myself within the commercial furniture industry and gain a better understanding of domestication in the office environment.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the work environment, the tabletop is likely to experience high wear and use throughout the day. Steps have, of course, been taken in the hope to elongate its life. It was therefore important for the tabletop component to be easily removable if it becomes damaged or received too much wear. We wanted to ensure that the tabletop could be replaced rather than having to replace the whole table.

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Concept Design - Product Development - Solidworks/ CAD Modelling - Rendering - Acoustic Design Commercial Design - Material Science

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